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      Lawmakers meet to look at Upper Peninsula energy solutions

      With an uncertain future for coal-fired power plants, Michigan lawmakers are looking at other solutions to keep the lights on.

      Wednesday night State Representatives held a town hall meeting in Marquette Township where they discussed the future of energy in the Upper Peninsula. The Presque Isle Power Plant is one example of coal plants being targeted by the Obama administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

      They've introduced a plan to reduce carbon emissions 30 percent by the year 2030.

      "Energy is without question our number one issue in the U.P.," says State Representative John Kivela. "We know that, my colleagues in the legislature know that, the governor knows it, it's his number one issue, so we're working on some creative solutions right now. We're optimistic that within the next two to three weeks we're going to have an announcement on some things that may bring generation back to the U.P."

      Kivela also said relying on the power grid for energy could be too costly for residents.