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      Lazy Dayz of summer

      A day filled with sports, food, and live music is just around the corner.

      Lauriumâ??s third annual Lazy Dayz this Saturday promises residents a family-fun day with basketball and softball tournaments, dozens of vendors, and kids' parades at the George Gipp Recreation Area.

      â??Thatâ??s why we call it the Lazy Dayz of Laurium so we can all just come out and kind of just step out of your normal routine of life and just hang out with everyone in the community,â?? said Lazy Dayz organizer, Loralee Miller.

      Not only is Lazy Dayz for getting people off the couch and outdoors, itâ??s to help raise money for projects in the community.

      â??Half the money from the two tournaments goes directly towards Lazy Dayz, and then the other half goes towards prize money,â?? Miller explained. â??And also we start off with a bunch of sponsors, so this year we had about $1,500 worth of sponsors.â??

      Last year, Lazy Dayz raised about $2,400 for new dugouts on their Little League fields. This year, theyâ??re hoping to raise even more money to put a new fence around the outfield.

      â??So, basically a way of having a fun day and raising some money for this area,â?? Miller added.

      The hope is that this year will be even bigger than the last, but thereâ??s still a need for volunteers.

      â??We probably still need some people to tend to kidsâ?? games; we have a lot of kids' carnival games. Also, at the ticket table to sell tickets to people,â?? Miller said.

      For more information on how you can volunteer, visit the Lazy Dayz website here.