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      Learn how to grill healthy

      It is grilling season, but before you barbeque, there are healthy alternatives.Experts say grilling is one of the healthiest ways to cook, but you want to make sure you stay away from processed foods."Processed foods are going to be higher in sodium and fat and artificial sweeteners, and so we want to go for more whole foods and avoid the sweeteners. Eating more whole foods will mean that we're getting all the nutrients we need,â?? said Beth Cook, registered dietitian for Aspirus Keweenaw.Vegetables are also a good source of nutrients, and if you are having a hard time choosing what is right for you, remember it is all about the portion."I think getting food that's already proportioned at the store and portioning it out into baggies and pulling it out of the freezer and popping it right onto the grill," Cook said.Making your own veggie-filled shish kabobs are also easy to grill.Dietitian Frank Yoerg has a list of ingredients, and he uses them to make a healthy hamburger."Adding some oatmeal and no salt, spices, and we used some Dijon mustard in there and an egg. That extends your portion so you may actually end up with a three ounce hamburger that is cooked, but the actual meat content will be less because of your other fillers,â?? said Yoerg.Experts say try not to char the meat because it creates carcinogens that could lead to cancer.If you enjoy eating fish, dietitians say make sure the fish is skinless because that is where all of the fat is. Once you find the perfect filet, add a little lemon and seasoning. Then wrap it in tin foil, place it onto the grill for 20 minutes, and once it is done, you will have a healthy and tasty meal.