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      Learning to build a Kantele

      It's called the Kantele (gunt-ta-la) and it's one of the workshops offered during Heikinpiv.

      The Kantele is a traditional Finnish instrument and participants spent the entire day making their very own. First, they glued four different parts to assemble the bulk of the instrument, then they sanded them down, and then they applied shellac to give the instrument its shine.

      "There's been a movement going on for a number of years to reintroduce the Kantele back into the Finnish culture, and it seems like a nice way to participate in the Heikinpiv celebration," said woodworker Jim Lohman.

      Once the instrument has dried, the participants placed the pegs in the holes and began adding the strings. At the end of the day, everyone went home with a playable instrument.

      The Finnish American Heritage Center says there will be more opportunities for people who are interested in making their own Kantele.