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      Learning to skate

      Figure skating was the first sport in the Winter Olympics back in 1908. I got on ice skates for the sixth time in my life to find out what it's all about with the Marquette Figure Skating Club.

      When I see figure skaters on the ice, they make it look so easy and graceful, but as I found out, it isn't.

      Many of these skaters have been training since they were seven years old.

      "I just love elements and competitions and everything," said Samantha Heikkila, skater.

      Skaters with the Marquette Figure Skating Club spend hours, several days a week, on and off the ice, practicing. Athletes say figure skating is about control, balance, technique, and works every muscle.

      "You are, like, squeezing everything. So, like jumps; you are in the air for less than half a second and you have to hold that as tight as you can for as little as you can, and then come out and make it look like you have done it a million times," said Sarah Steen, skater.

      I grew up watching figure skating during the Winter Olympic games, and I have always wanted to learn. So, I put on the skates and took to the ice for a private lesson.

      "We want those hands out in front for balance, so kind of march in place first," said Chris Gauthier, skate instructor.

      We started with marching forward following. Then, we went into a two-step glide and dip.

      I've only been on skates a handful of times in my life, so, of course, I was nervous.

      After a couple tries, we graduated to swizzles. Those were the hardest for me. So we went to something easier like the wiggles and snow plow stopping.

      To overcome my fear of falling, I had to fall.

      "Yup, there you go. Perfect fall," Gauthier said. "Now getting back up is the trick right," I said. "Hands and knees. One foot up bring the other one in push up. Beautiful," Gauthier said.

      I've put some time on the ice, learned a little bit of the basics, had some mishaps. It's time to learn something a little bit harder.

      I tried my hand at a basic spin and combined it with forward gliding.

      Even though I barely made the turn, I was so excited I almost forgot I was on the ice! After this lesson, I now see skating in a whole new light.