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      Learning to slide: Reporter learns how to snowboard

      Just because you can ski, doesn't mean you can easily learn to snowboard. Before I could rip the powder at Marquette Mountain, I had to get the right gear, along with some words of wisdom from my teacher.

      "It's like learning the ABC's. It's not A, B, C to writing a novel. It's like all the letters and kinda learning it and fusing it together," snowboard instructor, Marc Collier, said.

      Meet Marc. Seventeen years of snowboarding and five years teaching. I'd say he has the right idea. We started with some basics. Staying in control and having balance are the first things you need to master the board. Next: Bend your knees and arms out.

      "Turn the board, turn the middle," Collier said.

      And voila. Easier said than done. My first few tries didn't go so well, but after a few more, I was starting to get it.

      "She's doing really good. She has really good balance. Staying in control, which I mentioned, is the most critical thing," Collier said.

      I was ready for my next challenge.

      "I think as long as we stay focused and do exactly what we did on these past two runs we should have no problem staying in control and riding down from the top. Just have fun, the most important thing - have fun but be safe," Collier said.

      With that said, we headed for the top. I made it down the hill in one piece - that is, before falling.

      Ana falls many times

      Well, there you have it. I went out there, and I killed it. So if you want to do what I did, head on to Marquette Mountain and have some fun.