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      Learning with Life of Lake Superior

      It's a program, created by MSU extension 13 years ago, and focuses on teaching kids about their natural resources.Fifty kids and an entire day at Widewater Campground...the mission is to get kids in touch with the outdoors.A favorite for all of the kids is learning how to kayak on the Indian River."It was actually pretty fun. I had a lot of great time with my friends over there," said Zine Thwaites.Next on the agenda, kids ventured on a guided hike along the shore and in the woods. With binoculars, they set out to search for birds. The guide teaches them how to identify different types of birds and insects that live in the area and their importance."It's cool because I didn't know anything about that. I didn't really know anything about birds. They don't really teach you too much about that in school. So it's cool that you get to go outside and learn it actually," said Macy Pawielski.In another session, they sing forests chants. Kids learn how to make their own instruments like drums and rain sticks out of basic crafts."We made it out of a planting pot and some cloth. The drum sticks were made out of a stick and some leather," said Dalton Walden.However, it's not just the kids having fun. A number of volunteers, parents, and grandparents join because they believe in what the program has to offer."And what's here are the relationships, heavy activities and in the wilderness, and we're in the water, near the water, all built around Lake Superior and that's what's special," said Barbara Vansyckle, volunteer.