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      Legacy of Faith grants distributed to Catholic agencies throughout the U.P.

      The Catholic Diocese has approved distribution of over $179,000 in grants to 65 Catholic schools, faith formations, and Catholic social services across the Upper Peninsula.

      The grants come from the investment income generated by Legacy of Faith, the endowment foundation of the Diocese of Marquette. The biggest chunk, 50 percent of the money, goes to the nine catholic schools in the U.P. Thirty percent goes to 94 faith formations, such as parishes and missions. Ten percent is given to the three Catholic social services, and the last ten percent goes towards the Catholic Action Fund.

      "The money that goes to our schools is what we call in the grant-making world 'unrestricted,'" says Terri Gadzinski, development director of the Marquette Diocese. "Which means the schools can designate those funds for whatever their most critical needs are at the time. Many of our schools use it for tuition assistance for families that need it."

      Over the last 14 years that the Legacy of Faith grants have been in place, the Diocese has distributed over $2 million.