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      Legal limit on the rise?

      The blood alcohol limit for drunk driving in Michigan could be going up.

      In 2003, Michigan became the 44th state to set the blood alcohol limit for drunk driving at .08. That limit is set to expire this fall. When Michigan adopted the .08 limit, it put in a "sunset clause" that is set to expire on October 1 this year. The Michigan legislature would have to act before that date if they want it to stay at .08. If they fail to do so, it would go back to .10.

      "It's an effective law, it's a safe law. We know from studies, we know from cases, that once you're at a .08, even if you're an experienced drinker, you may think you're OK, but we know that reaction times are slow and it's just not safe," said Marquette County Prosecutor Matt Wiese. "I'd be very surprised if the legislature let this expire and go back to a .10."

      The main reason the blood alcohol limit is expected remain at .08 is because of federal highway funding. States risk losing federal funding if they raise the limit above .08.