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      Legalizing Marijuana: Yay or Nay?

      Colorado is the first state to sell recreational marijuana in the United States.

      "It's a great thing," said Jamie Verduin, a Marquette resident. "It's not nearly as bad as alcohol, and just taxing it, we can get rid of our deficit."

      However, not all locals agreed. There seemed to be mixed emotions on the topic.

      "Frankly my gut says it's a bad idea," said Vicki Morin, another Marquette resident. "I believe teenagers are going to get into it much, much more."

      As the country watches how Coloradoâ??s new pot industry plays out, Washington is the next state jumping on the bandwagon with stores opening this spring.

      Could states like Michigan, which sell medical marijuana, be far behind?

      "I think it would help our state immensely," said Bonnie Donny Richardson.

      "Legalize it," said Cameron Oâ??Connor on the TV6 Facebook page. "Watch the state tourism explode."

      "Pure Michigan," Oâ??Connor added.

      But some feel the drug is hazardous.

      "The weed that is out there today is not like 20 years ago," exclaimed Bev Johnson-Thomma on the TV6 Facebook page. "Itâ??s dangerous."

      "Too many people abuse," said June Eakin, in another Facebook comment.

      Currently, medicinal marijuana is legal in 20 states, including Michigan and DC. Whether recreational use will expand beyond Colorado and Washington remains to be seen.

      The next few months are a test to see if pot can be sold, like alcohol, or proves too harmful to expand elsewhere.