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      Leif Erikson Viking Days this weekend

      A special heritage festival is happening in Norway this weekend, and coordinators are getting ready for the activities. The annual Leif Erikson Days are this weekend, and people were setting up for the "Night of the Viking" authentic dinner that will take place at 6 p.m. at the Holy Spirit Central School on Saturday.

      Other activities include a 5k run, a craft show, and a parade. All day on Saturday, Main Street will feature special events and concerts. ??After the Viking dinner, at Strawberry Lake in Norway, we're having a reenactment of a Viking funeral pyre,?? said coordinator, Doug Straka. ??The Viking tradition, their chieftains or kings, they would send them off to the afterlife in their Viking long ships and then light them on fire.??

      For a complete list of activities taking place this weekend, visit the event site here.