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      Les Miserables musical at NMU

      Les Miserables is a three-hour musical that takes place in France during the 19th century and tells the story of Jean Valjean, a convict released on parole.

      Valjean ended up in prison for 19 years after stealing bread to feed his sister's son.

      "He is caught stealing something from a bishop who is very well loved, and the bishop lets him go and says, 'I've bought your soul for God now.' So, he changes his life," said Paul Truckey, who plays Jean Valjean.

      On his quest to start a new life, Valjean breaks his parole. He becomes wealthy, the mayor of the town, and helps the poor by caring for some. However, since he violated his parole, police inspector Javert spends the entirety of the play trying to catch Valjean.

      "The fact that Jean Valjean has escaped and has alluded capture for so long; all Javert wants is for him to be back behind bars, where he belongs," said Jerimie Newcomb, who plays Javert.

      The musical also takes place during a time of revolution. Javert gets captured by students with the revolution, and a twist of fate changes his perspective about Valjean.

      Valjean is played by Paul Truckey, who originally played the role of Javert in the Broadway production.

      "For me it has been an incredible part of my life. I think it's one of the most powerful stories ever told, certainly probably the greatest character ever created, named Jean Valjean. He's incredibly inspiring, and I think it can teach us more about what it is to be human," Truckey said.

      The play runs from November 13 to November 16. Click here for more information.