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      Lessons on healthy living for longer life

      Upper Peninsula Commission on Area Progress, or UPCAP, held their 44th Annual U.P. Senior Citizens' Convention and Expo at the Ruth Butler Building in Escanaba.

      The event was designed to educate U.P. seniors on a wide range of topics that are intended to promote healthy well being. The expo featured a variety of speakers as well as hands-on activities like Tai-Chi exercises. The intent was to show the seniors how easy it is to do simple exercises to stay physically and mentally active.

      "I just think this is a really fantastic event. It's great to see all of the older adults come out and be engaged and participate. It's important for them to learn more about health opportunities and also find out what's going on in their community and throughout the state," said Kari Sederburg, the Michigan Director for the Services to the Aging. About 400 people attended. Those numbers were slightly down from last year because of a date change.