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      Let it run in Menominee

      After experiencing frozen water and sewage lines, Menomonee has issued a city-wide Let it Run directive. To ensure the safety of community members, the mayor is asking residents and businesses to keep their water flowing 24 hours a day.

      â??If mains freeze, that means water is not being distributed, not only to residents and businesses, but it is not reaching fire hydrants,â?? said Mayor Jean Stegeman. "And that becomes a real safety issue for our citizens.â??

      They recommend having one faucet in the house constantly running with a pencil-sized flow. If your water becomes discolored, it may be a sign that your pipes have begun to freeze.

      â??It is safe to drink, but that is the first indication of a problem,â?? Stegeman said.

      If this happens, officials recommend increasing the water flow until it returns to its normal appearance.

      Even if your residence has never had frozen pipes, it is still important to let it run.

      Friday, a water main on 11th Ave. froze and burst because one residence did not follow the cityâ??s directive.

      â??He wasnâ??t letting the water run and the service line on our side is frozen and it broke,â?? said Mike Thorsen.

      To ensure the community does not pay beyond their normal usage, water and wastewater bills will be estimated using the customersâ?? average usage during the prior year.

      â??The city and all of our departments are doing their very best to keep everything moving smoothly,â?? Stegeman said.

      The Let it Run order could be in effect for a month or longer. Officials from Menominee encourage residents to keep the water flowing until they hear otherwise.