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      Let it snow!

      In a place where snow is measured in feet and removed with an entire army of snow plows, the Keweenaw is keeping up with its reputation as one of the snowiest places in the country.

      Up in Keweenaw County, some areas have seen over 50 inches of snow just this month and a grand total of a whopping 86.5 inches this season.

      Kearsarge resident, Richard Hiltunen, said he's not letting a little snow slow him down.

      â??The snow I like to play in,â?? said Hiltunen. â??My snowblower just broke down, so I've got to fix that yet.â??

      According to the Keweenaw County website , this time last year, there was only a season average of 28 inches of snowfall and only about an inch on the ground. Although last season got off to a slow start, it stuck around through almost May.

      â??Last year, we still had 45 inches in the month of April,â?? said Calumet resident, Jim Winquist. â??So, it's the late spring and the length of the season that wears on you, not the amount of snow.â??

      But despite the massive amount of snow the Keweenaw has already gotten this year, residents are making the most of it, even going so far as packing it around their house for insulation.

      â??The hard part is shoveling the roof off all the time,â?? Hiltunen said. â??Last year, I fell off of it. With the snow there, it's a cushion. So, you fall in it and it buries you, and you just lay there and laugh!â??

      â??So far, this is not a normal winter,â?? Winquist added. â??It's one of our highest snow levels I remember for this time of year, but it's going to be fabulous for the businesses that depend on the snow.â??

      And it doesn't show signs of stopping. Though residents aren't forecasting any record breakers this year, they plan to make the most of every inch they get.

      â??It's nice when it's white!â?? Hiltunen said.