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      Let-runs add up

      As the weather warmed, and frost receded, the city of Escanaba Let-Runs ended. City officials said any concern over the water lines re-freezing has diminished.

      In the past two to three months, there more than 900 let-runs and over 17 million gallons of water were used. This resulted in over $89 thousand of lost revenue. The Escanaba Water Department is planning on absorbing these costs. During these difficult times, officials are thankful for everyone cooperation.

      ??The guys were really great,?? said Water and Wastewater superintendent Jeff Lampi. ??They went through a lot of work, long hours. And, the people were really easy to work with. They understood that we had a lot of issues and all and all the community really pulled through and stood behind us.??

      Each bill is reviewed prior to being sent, so officials do not foresee customers having billing issues.