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      Let's sock this joint

      Schools and businesses across Marquette County are once again ready to rock the socks. Last winter the Marquette Alternative High School led the charge for the event and were able to collect 2,900 pairs of socks for people in need. The event spread and other schools and businesses in the area jumped on board and are doing the same again this year. Sock donations will be collected from December 9 through 13 at more than 15 locations in the county.

      "We just kind of get the happiness that we know we've helped people out because some people here, either in the past or right now, might be struggling and it's just good to help out your community," said Makayla Foster, MAHS student.

      Students at the Marquette Alternative High School will get a chance to wear their craziest socks on Wednesday, December 11. The full list of schools and businesses participating as drop off sites is below.

      Marquette Alternative High School, Marquette Senior High School, Bothwell, Sandy Knoll, Superior Hills, Central Administration, Negaunee High School, Ishpeming Schools, North Star Academy, Father Marquette Middle School, St. Christopher Preschool, YMCA Early Childhood Program, The Crayon Club, Hotplate, the Elder Agency and Select Realty.