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      Liberty Children Art Project to hold auction

      A collection of prints will be sold at a live and silent auction at the Landmark Inn Sunday September 8th.

      They will be selling around 40 pieces from local artists.

      "They are mostly prints. They're limited edition prints and the prints have been sold out. So that means these prints are all owned you couldn't go to the press buy prints from the press. It's a sold out edition," said Carol Phillips, Director of Liberty Children Art Project.

      The auction raises money for the Liberty Children Art Project. A program that gives under-served children in rural areas across Marquette and Alger county the opportunity to learn about art.

      "They needed a place they could just have a drop in center. Be with other children of like interest and have a good time. Find that art is enjoyable and fun," said Marilyn Mutch, Founder of LCAP.

      LCAP provides classes through in school, after school programs, and a summer art camp.

      They reach out to about a thousand kids throughout the year in ten schools.

      "I'd say 75 percent goes to programming.That's paying teachers, supplies, and travel and all that. So if we raise more funds we have more programs. We're able to reach more schools," Phillips explained.

      Tickets for the auction are $20 and can be purchased at Snowbound books.

      The auction starts at 6 p.m.