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      Library and Children's Museum to get facelifts

      "When they called me and told me, it was...I was so absolutely awestruck. And so absolutely thrilled. We're deeply, deeply grateful. It's going to make a huge difference," said Nheena Wyer Ittner, Director of the U.P. Children's Museum.

      The U.P. Children's Museum in Marquette will be getting a huge facelift soon.

      The museum is receiving $200,000, courtesy of the Cliffs Natural Resources/Eagle Mine Marquette County Community Fund.

      "The money is actually going to go towards fixing up all the old windows that we have, I think we have some windows that are as old as this buildin, and the doors that are leaky, and the front facade. We're going to take off that horrible, horrible siding," said Ittner.

      The fund is a joint charitable alliance between Cliffs Natural Resources and Eagle Mine, created in 2012.

      It's a result of a business transaction between the two mines, and was capitalized at $4 million.

      The fund was created to give grant funding to community focused projects in Marquette County.

      "Oh, it's wonderful, and word just got out yesterday and people are congratulating us, everybody is so excited. This library is very well loved in the community," said Jessica Holman, Director of the Forsythe Township Public Library.

      The Forsyth Township Public Library is another organization receiving grant money.

      The library has been granted $150,000.

      The money will be used to expand the library.

      Plans are nearly completed for the library to move into the old Assessor's Building two doors down, and expand that building towards the bar and alley down the road.

      "We are going to be doubling our square footage, which means a lot more books, a lot more computers, and more programming space available for the library, for the summer reading program that's so popular with the children," said Holman.

      Both organizations expect to begin building repairs/expansion within the next few weeks.