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      Lieutenant Governor speaks on immigration policies

      Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley was in the Copper Country Friday speaking with local entrepreneurs about the state of Michigan's immigration policies regarding the employment of immigrants.

      Governor Rick Snyder established in January of this year the creation of the new Michigan Office for New Americans to attract and retain global talent in Michigan. On Friday, the Lieutenant Governor spoke with various companies in STEM fields about processes within the state to help companies hire immigrants that are here lawfully while they are gaining full citizenship.

      The reforms also help lawful immigrants start up their own companies while gaining citizenship. Calley says the reforms help create jobs for Michiganders and propel the economy forward.

      "It's a win-win situation," says Calley. "Somebody whose talent we had a part in creating and cultivating, we keep them as an important part of our community, but then also, as part of that, we have an outcome of other Michiganders having more opportunity for careers and jobs."

      The meeting followed up with Governor Snyder's recent proclamation declaring June 'Immigrant Heritage Month' in the state.