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      Lieutenant Governor talks tax reform with Copper Country businesses

      Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley took a tour of GS Engineering Friday afternoon to speak with local business owners and entrepreneurs about what needs to be done at the state level to make it simpler for companies to do business.

      Calley says the State of Michigan has worked to simplify its tax codes and reduce regulation. He says Proposal 1, which will be on the August ballot, goes along with this.

      Proposal 1 would reorganize state tax into two separate share taxes for the state and local communities.

      Calley says the goal is to â??get the state government out of the way of entrepreneurs.â??

      â??[We have] over 1,500 fewer rules and regulations than when we started three and a half years ago. On top of that, the rules and regulations left: how well do we do in implementing those? Are we partners with those who are being regulated and helping them to comply as opposed to maintaining an adversarial relationship?â??

      Proposal 1 will be left in the voters hands on August 5.