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      Life supporters walk against abortions

      It's been forty years since the famous case, Roe v. Wade, making it legal for a woman, whether or not, to have an abortion.

      People marched in support of pro-life at All Saints Parish in Gladstone. With their pro-life signs in hand, people marched against one of the most controversial issues facing the U.S.: abortions.

      The Knights of Columbus lead the walk in prayer.

      "These babies in the womb don't have a voice, and we need to be their voice for them; to let young women know how important it is that they don't have abortions," said Gary Chouinard, Knights of Columbus.

      More than 100 people participated in the march for life walk. They all made several laps around the church until they finished praying the rosary.

      Some folks were also inside joining in the cause.

      "How many have we aborted that God sent to help our society? Every life is so precious," said Bonnie Pepin.

      Officials say since the Roe v. Wade case happened in 1973, more than 50 million babies have been aborted.

      "I think as technology gets better and better and more people are seeing ultrasounds and seeing the perfectly formed baby in the womb, I think opinions are starting to turn around," said Mary Knoch.

      They are hoping Congress and legislature realizes that life starts at conception and not birth.

      Around 200 people from the U.P. are expected to head to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life rally happening Friday, January 25.