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      Lifeguards deal with challenges of icy lake

      Lifeguards on the beaches of Marquette are dealing with a unique hazard this spring.

      Ice formations are still lingering around much of Lake Superior's shoreline and getting in the way of regular beach activities. With water temperatures lingering in the thirties most beachgoers are staying out of the water.

      The few who venture into the icy water are keeping the lifeguards on high alert, especially for hypothermia.

      "It's not very encouraging to stay in that water for any length of time," says Marquette Fire Chief Tom Belt. "We always are prepared for a rescue if need be, really we're cautioning people to be very careful. The lifeguards are on the beach and the fire department is on standby."

      The head lifeguard said that lifeguards are being instructed to scan the water extra carefully to keep people around the ice out of trouble.

      Local beaches did open last weekend as scheduled and lifeguards will remain on duty for their normal hours.