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      Lighthouse could have new owner

      The Stannard Rock Lighthouse off the shore of Marquette may have a new owner in the upcoming months.

      On May 21 the General Services Administration sent out letters to various organizations that may be interested in buying the lighthouse, like maritime museums, historical societies, and the City of Marquette. They have until July 21 to make a proposal stating their intentions if they plan to buy.

      If offers are made, the GSA will decide who will be best for the lighthouse's future, but if there are no proposals, the lighthouse will be available for public auction.

      "It is among the most prolific trout fishing anywhere in Lake Superior, among the very best in the Great Lakes," said Maritime Museum Chairman Fred Stonehouse. "So, hopefully whatever happens to the lighthouse will not impact the fishery out there."

      The Maritime Museum in Marquette has several pieces of memorabilia of the lighthouse on display.