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      Lions Club provides free vision screenings for kids

      The Lions Club in Trenary is making sure kids can see. At Sunday morning's pancake breakfast, they provided free vision screenings for young kids.

      You might remember getting your eyes checked, but perhaps just not with a digital camera.

      "Like little green and blue dots, and red dots when she took the picture," said Gracie Livingston.

      At the Trenary Lions Club, kids participated in vision screenings. It's all part of Project Kid Sight, an effort funded by the Lions of the Upper Peninsula, to provide free vision screenings to kids not screened by the health department.

      According to Jenny Ware, two to five percent of young children need glasses.

      "We are not aware of it until they go to school, then we find out they are having some type of problems. It's not always that we can tell they are having a vision problem; sometimes they are having behavioral problems because they can't see and focus," said Jenny Ware, screener for Project Kid Sight.

      So very quickly, parents can find out how their child's sight is doing. By looking into the camera, in 0.787 seconds the camera takes eighteen photos of the eyes and analyzes it. Once it's done, it will give you a range and whether a visit to the optometrist is needed.

      "I was excited to come here for free, get it checked. She checked out really good. She doesn't need glasses or any concerns. So, it was a big relief for me. I know now I don't have to wonder about it anymore," said Sara Salo, parent.

      However, the Lions Club effort in promoting vision health doesn't end there. They also recycle used glasses, send them to be repaired and then donate them to people in need in other countries.