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      Little boy saved by Michigan State Troopers

      There's one very grateful family in Iron Mountain after an incident with their four-year-old boy, all thanks to three Michigan State Troopers.

      Vinny Rose was at Lake Antoine when he collapsed and stopped breathing. When MSP Troopers arrived, they performed CPR, helping to revive him.

      Friday at the post, little Vinny and his mother and grandfather presented the troopers with a gift of gratitude.

      "Very thankful for what they have done and accomplished, and they definitely knew what they were doing and very well-trained. If it were not for them, I don't think that I would have my son right now," said Jessica Rose, Vinny's mother.

      Vinny had suffered a seizure that could have taken his life were it not for Troopers Mike Floriano, Kelsey Sipple, and Ryan Rossler.