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      Livestock brings in dough for youth at fair

      At the Marquette County Fair, young men and women from from the 4-H Club sold their livestock.

      The grand champion steer belonged to Bethany Pierman and was sold first. Her steer weighed 1,300 pounds and sold for $3.30 per pound. It was purchased by Northern Michigan University's dining services and Pierman went home with more than $4,200. Ten other steers were sold and each buyer took a picture with their purchase. After the steers came dozens of pigs and other small animals.

      Each 4-H member spends months raising and preparing their livestock for the auction.

      "You can see all the excitement, all the kids are excited, and the buyers are excited, and it looks like there's some new buyers coming in this year also," said Ron Lauren, a board member of the fair.

      The livestock auction is an annual tradition at the Marquette County Fair. There were more than 100 registered bidders this year.