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      Living tree art in Marquette

      Earl Senchuk works on his living tree art outside the Marquette post office

      The Marquette post office has a bright new addition to its landscape.

      Artist and inventor Earl Senchuk has installed a new tree that he calls "living tree art." The tree itself is made of steel and concrete, and it supports seven pots of flowers. The flowers are raspberry blast super-tunias. The tree has an internal watering system that waters the flowers four times a day.

      Senchuk says he was looking for a new spot around Marquette for one of his trees, and the post office agreed to let him place one on the property.

      "Once I put the flowers in, to me, it makes it all worthwhile," said Senchuk. "The appreciation I get, and the compliments just never stop, so that's what keeps me going."

      Senchuk will be working with the Marquette Beautification Committee in the near future to enhance the tree.