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      Lloyd Flanders has been in business in the Upper Peninsula for 100 years

      Menomineeâ??s Lloyd Flanders Industries is a furniture company with a rich history and products woven throughout Americaâ??s past.

      For over 100 years, Lloyd Flanders has been creating loom wicker furniture. Their products have been seen anywhere from Wimbledon to the White House, and everywhere in between.

      "I think a lot of the pride comes from seeing the end product,â?? said employee Bruce Neumeier. â??Seeing it in magazines and if you go online you can see the final product in homes all across the country."

      But what makes Lloyd Flanders stand out amongst the other companies?

      "Ours is made from Lloyd Loom,â?? said CEO Dudley Flanders. â??It's the only wicker made from this twisted paper process that's been around since 1919. And, that gives us the ability to offer our wicker in a multitude of colors."

      According to the company, this locally sourced product is also sturdier than the traditional split reed wicker.

      "It's very, very durable,â?? said employee Penny Nehls. â??Two years ago I had a house fire. I have three pieces of wicker in there and I still have them to this day."

      Their factory is half a million square feet, which allows them to create their product from beginning to end.

      Lloyd Flanders is continuously growing, creating new products every year. They already employ over 100 people, and are looking to hire more in the future.