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      Local 4-H group to hold Getting to Know Hancock Day on Saturday

      The Houghton-Keweenaw 4-H chapter is holding a Getting to Know Hancock Day Saturday to celebrate 4-H and National Science Day.

      The event will begin at 11 a.m. in front of Fiber Whims on Quincy Street. Participants will be able to visit various businesses and learn more about the services available in their community as well as do a few crafts.

      At 2 p.m., the 4-H group will lead a geocaching expedition to learn about the nature in the area.

      Program coordinators say they hope to show the community that 4-H is "more than just showing livestock."

      â??There's also a lot of other components and things, like science knowledge and entrepreneurship, craft activities, and those kinds of things are important, too,â?? said 4-H Programmer for Houghton, Keweenaw, and Baraga counties, Karen Connors. â??So, the point of 4-H is to build life skills, lifelong learning skills, and we just want to spread the word about 4-H.â??

      4-H is a national program aimed at preparing young people to be leaders and have an impact on their communities.