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      Local animal shelter in desperate need of volunteers

      The Delta Animal Shelter has been staying busy this holiday season, helping the cats and dogs find new homes, but they are hoping for one special gift. The shelter has a shortage of volunteers and would like more people to give the gift of time.

      Assistant manager Mary Gail Blaiser says about 15 volunteers regularly show up. She wishes there were at least 50 volunteers who could help out as little as one day a month; many people sign up to volunteer but don't show up.

      "It can be coming in the afternoon and socializing cats," said Blasier. "You know, there are people that can't have cats in their home but really long for one. Just wish to really extend my gratitude for the wonderful things the people of this community have done for us this year."

      There are only two paid staff members, so the shelter runs mainly on volunteers. Some of their duties include cleaning cages and making sure the animals have enough food and water.

      The shelter is located at 6685 N.75 Dr. in Escanaba. They can be reached by calling (906) 789-0230.