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      Local animator seeks support

      One local animator is working on a short film, and he's looking for the community's support.

      Shaun Pitz has been working on his film, called The Espresso Manifesto, over the last two years. He has already poured thousands of dollars and countless hours into the project.

      The animation for his film is almost complete, and now he needs to raise money for sound design and the film's score. Pitz has started a Kickstarter campaign online with the hopes of raising the money necessary to finish and produce his film.

      "Even on Kickstarter, when people have pledged five dollars or under, feeling that support...putting this out there in the world and feeling that support is so important," said Pitz. "You know, it's a special kind of hug from the community. It's an amazing feeling."

      Pitz has raised just over $3,400. He is hoping to reach $8,000 through his Kickstarter campaign online. Inspiration for his film came from his grandfather who battled Alzheimer's. Check out the Kickstarter page if you are interested in donating.