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      Local author raises awareness for Alzheimers before Mother's Day

      Local author Jim LaJoie raised Alzheimers awareness for Mother's Day with a book signing in Marquette Saturday.

      It's not a happy topic on any day, but LaJoie, whose mother recently passed away due to Alzheimers, says his book, "Hi Mom, It's Me", will teach people to not only treasure every moment with their mothers, but what to do when they can no longer remember those moments.

      "It's really about creating awareness because Alzheimer's is a dreadful disease. It's very, very difficult to deal with, but in many cases it's not a death sentence and to, y'know educate people about what they can do and how they can cope with it" said LaJoie.

      In keeping with the Mother's Day spirit, the event was held at Donckers Candy Shop where buyers of the book were given a piece of chocolate and a rose. 25 percent of each book sold will be donated to the local chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.