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      Local auto shop rebrands to expand

      A U.P. business is rebranding itself in hopes of reaching out to customers outside of the Upper Peninsula.

      U.P. Autotech in Wetmore has been serving customers for nearly three years. Now, you can call them Roam Automotive. The veteran-owned shop is now a sister company to Roam, Inc., an adventure clothing brand. The full-service auto repair specializes in vehicle outfitting.

      The owners say attracting clientele outside the U.P. would help boost the local economy.

      "The name itself allows us to reach out outside of the U.P. so it's not so regional," said owner TJ Lassila. "We've had a lot of local support from our customers, but primarily we wanted to focus more on what we love to do, and it drove us to broaden our market outside the U.P."

      Roam Automotives serves roughly 200 customers per month and employs four full-time mechanics.