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      Local bee keeper enlightens community about pollinator decline

      You may have heard of Colony Collapse Disorder; It refers to the decline in pollinator insects such as monarch butterflies and honey bees.

      Sue Payant is a local honey bee keeper, and has been studying the decline for about three years.

      She held a presentation today at the Moosewood Nature Center to talk about it, and what everyone can do to help keep our pollinators around.

      According to Payant and the Environmental Protection Agency, poor nutrition and exposure to pesticides seem to be two of the major factors contributing to the loss of the honey bee population all over the United States.

      "There seems to be that there are several contributing factors, and the one thing that I'm interested in is what can I do as an individual to help reverse this decline," said Payant.

      Payant says there are two things everyone can do to help; Plant native plants for food and homes for honey bees and monarch butterflies, and reduce the use of chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides.

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