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      Local boutique keeps customers boo-tee-ful

      The Beauty Boutique in Ishpeming celebrated Halloween in style this year.

      The boutique staff dressed up in costume for the day. This year's theme was a masquerade. The entire room was covered in Halloween decorations from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. The owner, Sherry Conradson, has made it a tradition at her boutique since she first opened the doors nearly 38 years ago.

      "I love it because little kids that come in here, get so excited, and I'll give out candy. They're walking by on the streets, and I haul them in here just to show them the decorations. A little boy came in one day with his hands in his pockets, and he thought this was a party store. He said, 'Do you think I could buy some of this stuff?' So I guess that's when I know I have too many decorations," said Conradson.

      Even some of Conradson's customers joined in on the fun and wore costumes.