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      Local brewery distributes beer throughout the Upper Peninsula

      Dave Manson and his business partner, Andy Langlois, used to brew their own beer in their basement. In December 2010, they decided to open their craft brewery, Blackrocks.

      â??It's a local brewery and people take pride in it and people like to share itâ?? said Dave Manson, Ambassador of Fermentology.

      Blackrocks distributes their beer all over the Upper Peninsula and has worked their way downstate. The pair did not expect to have so much success right off the bat.

      "We ran out of beery the first day we opened thinking we'd have enough to last us all weekâ?? said Manson. â??At that point we knew this is really special."

      What sets Blackrocks apart from other breweries is what goes on behind the scenes.

      "People can really relate to our culture, we like to have a lot of fun and ultimately we're making beerâ?? said Steve Farr, Pirate of Propaganda. â??You can take yourselves really seriously because you need to supply that beer and you want to have it consistent and everything but when it comes down to it, we are making beer, which should be fun and we try to remember that all the time."

      Part of the fun is experimenting with different recipes, even though they might be a flop.

      â??One of those recipes used sage from Wyomingâ?? said Manson. â??We thought that could be interesting. It tasted like asparagus.â??

      But that doesnâ??t stop them from doing what they love.

      â??We donâ??t need to take over the world, we donâ??t need to be in Belgiumâ?? said Manson. â??We just want to put out a good product and make sure we can meet the demands that are out there.â??

      So if world domination is not next on the list for Blackrocks, what is?

      â??Well how do you gauge success?â?? said Manson. â??We are all happy, so yeah, I guess we are successful.â??