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      Local business helps Hunt for a Cure

      This hunting season, Northern Motors is starting a new campaign aimed at raising awareness and money for those battling cancer.

      Starting at 8 a.m. on Tuesday only, Ford will team up with the company for Hunt for a Cure. For each Ford test drive, Ford and Northern Motors will donate a total of $30 to the Delta County Cancer Alliance. Northern Motors will also contribute an additional $100 for each car sold.

      The Delta County Cancer Alliance provides support to families facing cancer through rehabilitation, information, and financial aid.

      "It definitely takes a toll on a family as far as financially and mentally," said Pete Candela, sales consultant at Northern Motors, "and if you're trying to spend as much time with your daughter or son at the hospital as you can, you can't really make it to work."

      DCCA is an independent organization that relies on volunteers and donations. Officials say Hunt for a Cure is the first fundraiser for the organization in 19 years.

      "This isn't about me, this isn't about Ford; this is about that group of people who volunteer their time, their effort, their tears, their hugs, for people that need it, and they ask nothing for it. Let's give them some recognition, and let's give them as much as we can," added John Arball, Sales Manager at Northern Motors.

      One hundred percent of the money raised will benefit the DCCA. Northern Motors is planning to continue to donate to this cause, now through the end of hunting season.