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      Local business helps with hazardous cleanup

      During this time of year it's not uncommon to get some last minute spring cleaning in, but few people have the opportunity to dispose of their trash at work.

      This week, employees at the Cliffs Natural Resources mines are able to bring to work household hazardous materials like worn-out tires and paint cans to be properly disposed of. It's the second annual Hazardous Waste Collection at Cliffs.

      Last year over 68,000 pounds of waste was collected, and this year Cliffs expects an equally strong participation rate.

      "I think it's a positive event for our employees," said Jennifer Huetter of Cliffs. "It gives them an opportunity to kind of help clean out their house as well and do it free of charge, as well as doing it safely and properly and not contaminating any ground water. It's a good event overall for everybody, and we're glad to be a part of it."

      Tuesday's removal site was on the Empire Mine side of the property. Waste drop offs will be held throughout the week at various other locations, giving all employees the chance to bring in their materials.