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      Local business offers cutting boards for canned goods

      Schwalbach Kitchens in Marquette is helping out with our 30th annual TV6 Canathon.

      In return for 12 canned food items, Schwalbach is giving out Corian cutting boards. You can drop off the cans from November 12 through December 6.

      Staff from Schwalbach will be displaying the cans in the mock kitchens inside their building.

      "At Schwalbach, we are really looking forward to helping out the community with this event and giving the community a cutting board in return for those non-perishable items as our way of helping out you and the community," said Tess Jezek of Schwalbach.

      They have more than 170 boards to give away, and there are several color choices. Last year, Schwalbach collected more than 1,900 pounds of canned goods. Once the items are collected, the cans will be distributed to local food pantries.