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      Local business owner speaks on Senate committee report

      A new report coming out of a Senate committee in Washington says women business owners are far behind men in terms of getting small business loans and other funding sources.

      The study says that women owned business makes up about 30 percent of small businesses, but they only get about 4 percent of the money available for start-up loans.

      Sue Kensington, owner of Hotplate in downtown Marquette turned to other means to finance her business more than 10 years ago. She used money from a home equity loan. She says it can be frustrating at times, but the key is to be persistent.

      "I think there's a danger in buying into a study or numbers that you might get discouraged or you might say 'Oh well, this says this so therefore I have to.' No, no, no, you just keep pushing forward and that's how you make that change. You just have to keep pushing the agenda and not give up," says Kensington.

      Kensington also said to do plenty of research before looking to start your own business. Creating a detailed business plan will also help when you begin to apply for loans, grants and other means of finance.