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      Local businesses honored for helping community

      Energizing our future was the theme of Tuesdayâ??s Operation Action U.P. meeting. The annual event awards companies growing their neighborhood.

      "I believe, as a leader in a community, that you volunteer your time to help the community and grow," said Mark Massicotte, President of Lâ??anse Manufacturing .

      Massicotte's company makes different materials, like steel and aluminum, for industries. Itâ??s been around for over 30 years. He says his companyâ??s success wouldnâ??t be possible without the community.

      "Maybe this brings light for the people around me to understand how important it is that we share, and grow, and build," Massicotte said.

      Another award went to Enstrom Helicopter, a leading designer and manufacturer of helicopters in Menominee. In May they announced an $8 million expansion adding 150 jobs. The good news attracted Governor Rick Snyder to celebrate the groundbreaking.

      "Itâ??s very rewarding," said Jerry Mullins, the President and CEO of Enstrom. "We have added significantly to the economy to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as well as the United States."

      Superior Fabrication Company LLC and Peninsula Fiber Network were the two other companies that received awards.