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      Local car dealership steps up for Little League

      Negaunee Little League teams have something to be excited about, just in time for their baseball season. With the help of Chevrolet, the FOX Negaunee dealership is donating $500, practice gear, and 2,000 raffle tickets to the league. The donations are all part of General Motors' goal to support youth baseball. All proceeds from the raffle tickets go toward the little league, and the winner of the contest could win a Chevy Cruz.

      "The kids are our future, and this is a good opportunity for FOX Negaunee to give back to the local community. This is just a fun thing for kids because not everyone has that opportunity, and this is a good event," said Eric Malmsten of FOX Negaunee.

      If all 2,000 raffle tickets are sold, General Motors will donate even more money to the little league.