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      Local child care provider named hero in education

      Microsoft Worldwide Education is honoring one Marquette child care provider as of the 365 heroes of global education.

      Since 2005, Amy Ahola has been running Child Central Station, her daycare service. Now Microsoft Worldwide Education is honoring Ahola as an innovator in education.

      "I was really blown away because I know we do things sometimes a little different, but I know there are hundreds, if not thousands, of child care providers doing a lot of the similar things that we are doing," said Ahola.

      Every day Microsoft Education honors a specific person in global education. She was honored on Friday, February 7. Amy was chosen as a hero for the type of early learning techniques she uses in her outdoor classroom which just so happens to be in her backyard. It's a play base technique, where she stages the environment for learning, allowing kids to lead in their interests.

      So underneath all that snow are several learning stations.

      "Every time I pick her up, seeing everything the kids are doing, and I can't wait to go home and tell my husband. She's making such gains being here, and I think that's a huge part of where she is," said Pamela Janoski, parent.

      However, Ahola's learning techniques were not the only reasons for the honor. Her blog drew a lot of attention.

      "I do a lot of different activities. I do a lot of training for other providers, and I do a lot of reflecting on what we do on a blog. They found me through that means," Ahola said.

      An article about Ahola will be published.

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