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      Local church gardens in the works

      A local environmental group wants to see U.P. churches go green.

      The group is called Earth Keepers II and on Sunday they met with members of Messiah Lutheran Church in Marquette.

      Earth Keepers goal is to have 30 church gardens within the next two years.

      O nce the gardens are in place, churches can share their resources, provide workshops, and become more environmentally conscious.

      "We'd like to present a culture within the worship community of not just being in the church buildings but getting out into creation and being good stewards of the earth," said Kyra Zimokowski, project coordinator.

      Earth Keepers II is sponsored by 10 faith traditions.

      The group is also giving churches free energy audits. If your church is interested, all it has to do is sign up.

      Click here for more information.