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      Local cinema gets big upgrade

      The Cinema 5 in Ishpeming is getting upgraded to the latest in digital projection equipment.

      Workers have removed the old 35 millimeter projectors and installed new digital ones. Two of the projectors are also equipped with 3D technology.

      Cinema 5 representatives say they've invested in the upgrade to improve and keep up with changing technology.

      "We had to make the change to digital because 35 millimeters are going to be obsolete by the end of the year so we're investing about $300,000 into our theatre to make the movie going experience better with better sound and better picture," said Cinema 5 Manager Michelle LaMere. "The possibilities are endless with this equipment."

      All five screens at the cinema will be upgraded by this Friday. To help pay for the $300,000 investment, ticket prices at the Cinema 5 may go up slightly.