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      Local coffee shop owners are emerging leaders

      As part of the TV6 Be The Change initiative, we're also featuring Emerging Leaders in local communities who are making a difference.

      Owners Bob Dudo and Nicole Collins saw the need for a coffee shop in their area and decided to open Java by the Bay. Located in L'Anse, the shop has only been around for nine months, and they're already making their mark on the community by making Java by the Bay an enjoyable meeting place for residents.

      "Everybody gathers here it feels like," said Nicole Collins. "There's always a gtathering here, and it's either book club or knitting club or church gatherings."

      "We try to provide a good, comfortable, safe place for people to meet and relax," said Dudo.

      The owners say they are trying to keep their products as local as possible, and their coffee is roasted in Calumet.

      Coffee isn't their only specialty; the shop also offers baked goods, sandwiches and other healthy food choices.

      For more information on the Emerging Leaders campaign, check out our page.