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      Local company supports cancer research with pink semi-truck

      A family-owned company in Iron River is giving to the American Cancer Society in a unique way.

      Shamco Inc., owned by the Shamion brothers, now has a pink semi-truck to add to their logging company. Theyâ??re doing it to support the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life. After some of their close family members lost battles to cancer, they wanted to make a difference and encourage others.

      â??We want to give this truck as much exposure that we could for the American Cancer Society, and Relay for Life is one of the big fundraising events,â?? said Scott Shamion. â??We just recently set up our webpage, so it's as simple as going on to, and searching for Shamco. â??Anybody can join us and donate and we're hoping anybody that's involved in the timber industry joins us and any other individuals.â??

      Shamco, Inc. is also hoping to donate $10,000 a year to the American Cancer Society. They will also be at the Bessemer Relay for Life on August 8 to help support the cause. Click here to visit the Shamco, Inc. Relay for Life page to donate.