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      Local contractors want local jobs

      The construction projects on the new developments near Lowes in Marquette Township are drawing some criticism by a group of skilled trade workers that have been picketing the project since Monday.

      Wisconsin contractors have been brought in to do some of the work; demonstrators say local jobs should go to local people. They hope to gain community support as some contracts have yet to be awarded. They'd like to see those go solely to local contractors.

      Picket representatives say this isn't a union/non-union issue, and there's a reason why out of state contractors are able to offer lower bids that aren't always practical for locals.

      "We have an area standard, and some areas are below that standard, and our local people have to bid to compensate their people so they can make a living," said John Kilber, demonstrator.

      There are local contractors on the project. Innovation Construction Solutions is responsible for accepting bids on the project, but they were unavailable for comment at this time.