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      Local dairy farm offers ice cream through the UP

      DeBacker family dairy in Daggett is a true home-grown dairy farm.

      The family uses the milk from their cows to offer over 70 ice cream flavors at the family's store.

      At DeBackers, they milk their own cows, put it in bottles, and make butter, yogurt, milk, and ice cream.

      There are unique flavors of ice cream like cowpie, and also traditional flavors like maple nut and butter pecan.

      But it's not just the fresh ice cream that draws the crowds.

      The owners say people keep coming back because of the hospitality, not just the delicious products.

      "I think that we pride ourselves on quality and having a good product that when people come here, they want to come back because they were happy with the experience of what they got while they were here," said Tracy DeBacker, co-owner. "I don't want an ice cream that's just another ice cream. I want an ice cream that people look forward to having."

      Most of the major supermarkets have the products. You can buy them as far north as Houghton, and as far south as Menominee.